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If you are looking for military personnel records, please visit the Canadian Genealogy Centre of Library and Archives Canada.

SERVING MEMBERS of the Canadian Forces wishing more information on eligibility, policies and directives are to submit an inquiry through their Chain of Command.

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  • The research already completed on your question.

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Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH)
National Defence Headquarters
101 Colonel By Dr
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0K2

Fax: 613-990-8579

History and Archives

Historical Inquires

DHH 2 is also responsible for answering questions on the history of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence.

The Inquiries staff answers about 1,000 questions of an historical nature each year. As you will understand, although we will do our best to provide an answer or guide you to other departments or agencies better placed to provide an answer, the more precise your question the better we can deal with it.

In some cases, we may have to refer you to already published materials: for example, a question like "What did Canada do during the Second World War" cannot be answered briefly by our staff; but we will try to suggest books or that you visit your local library.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We accept questions in written form only, either by mail or by fax. Our specialty is modern military history (post 1867).

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Military History in the United States

Each arm of the United States military maintains a site about its history:

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Canadian Military History Group

The Canadian Military History Group (CMHG) is a bilingual, national organization whose aim is to act as an umbrella organization for all those interested in military research. CMHG members who are also members of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) form the Military History Research Group of the CHA. The Research Group sponsors sessions and a military dinner at the annual CHA Meeting. Members should send paper proposals to the CMHG President. Members of the CMHG are automatically members of a parallel organization, the Canadian Commission of Military History.

The CMHG Executive Committee is composed of:

  • President: Dr. David Facey-Crowther, Memorial University of Newfoundland,
  • Secretary: Jean Morin, Directorate of History and Heritage, National Defense Headquarters.

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International Commission of Military History (ICMH)

The International Commission of Military History (ICMH) promotes military history research, publication and education on a global basis. The intellectual focus of the ICMH is on the history of the conduct of warfare and the history of armed forces which engage in war. The ICMH also investigates the causes and effects of war, defence economics, civil-military relations, military technology, military leadership, and demographics of military forces.

For more information, please visit our website at

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Canadian Committee for the History of the Second World War

The Committee is the bilingual national component of the International Committee for the History of the Second World War. Their aim is to study the 1939-45 war in all of its aspects, although there has been an increasing desire on the part members to include the entire canvas of Canadian war and society. The committee arranges regular conferences, publishes books and a regular newsletter, and gives the C.P. Stacey Prize for distinguished publications on the twentieth-century military experience.

For further information, please write to:

Greg Donahy
22 Downing Street
Ottawa, Canada
K1S 2W1

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Canadian Nautical Research Society

The Canadian Nautical Research Society (CNRS) is a subsidiary of the International Commission of Maritime History. The society publishes The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du nord and also Argonauta, a newsletter. TMN/LMN, a fully refereed journal devoted to all aspects of the North Atlantic and North Pacific, is published quarterly and all subscribers automatically become members of the CNRS. The society also organizes conferences and promotes the study of maritime history in various ways.

For further information, please write to:

Canadian Nautical Research Society
P.O. Box 511
Kingston, ON
K7L 4W5