Casualty Identification

Private Lachlan McKinnon

Photo of Private Lachlan McKinnon

Lachlan McKinnon was born in November, 1888 in Campbell Town, Scotland. In 1913, McKinnon left Scotland for Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He was a butcher and unmarried prior to enlistment. He enlisted in the 78th Battalion in Winnipeg, Manitoba in August 1915.

In May of 1916, he arrived in England, leaving for France in August 1916. He served with 78th until his death on August 11, 1918 in Hallu, France. His body remained in Hallu until it was discovered in 2007.

Private McKinnon was identified using historical and anthropological analysis and genetic testing.

During the identification process, the family of Private Lachlan McKinnon discovered a box of family treasures including an embroidered postcard from Lachlan to his mother dated December 11, France.

CA Letter from Son to Mother
A Letter
from Son to Mother

“France Dec 11
My Dear Mother
I received Jessie welcome letter today glad to no [sic] by the same that you are all well. I do hope Malcolm will get home with you for a few days. I got a beautiful Parcel from the Queen Marys guild. I hope Jessie and Bella got the brochs [sic] I sent. I had a letter from Johnny he is quite well will write soon Your Loving Son Lachlan”

Lachlan refers to his brother Malcolm, who was also a soldier, his sisters Jessie (Janet) and Bella (Isabella), and his brother Johnny.

The internment of Private McKinnon took place on 13 May 2015 at the Caix British Cemetery. Members of Private McKinnon’s family, as well as representatives from the Government of Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces, attended the ceremony.

For further information on Private Lachlan McKinnon you can view at his personnel file at Library and Archives Canada.

Circumstances of Death Register for Lachlan McKinnon

Killed in Action.

148130 Private McKinnon Lachlan

78th Battalion 11-8-18 649-M-15202 Presbyterian

He was with his Company in the front line during an enemy counter attack near Hallu, and he and four of his comrades were killed by a shell that exploded in the trench they were in.

Circumstance of Death Register for Lachlan McKinnon
Circumstance of Death Register for Lachlan McKinnon