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Dress and Ceremonial

  1. Can I wear my Mess Dress after retiring/ releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces?
  2. Can I wear my uniform after retiring/releasing from the Canadian Forces?
  3. Do regulations authorize the buying of wreaths for Remembrance Day or other official commemorative ceremonies at public expense?
  4. How do I acquire a copy of an official Canadian Forces badge (graphics)?
  5. In a flag party, can foreign flags be carried by CAF members?
  6. Is the use of logos permitted in the CAF? If so, what are the rules governing the production and display of a logo?
  7. What are the rules associated with flag protocol/etiquette?
  8. What constitutes the Canadian Forces?
  9. What is the process for the naming of a work, building and geographical feature?
  10. What is the process to have an official Canadian Forces badge produced?
  11. When does a parade have to be conducted in bilingual format?
  12. When they play the national anthem at a parade should I sing?
  13. While in the US, I was given my US jump wings. Can I wear foreign specialist skill badges on my uniform?
  14. Who is entitled to an official Canadian Forces badge?


What is the process to have an official Canadian Forces badge produced?


Official badges formally identify an individual branch, formation or unit. Only official badges, designs, symbols or other devices shall be used on service ships, vehicles, aircraft, buildings, signs, printed matter or other CF material.

Unofficial badges are other emblems, insignia or logos locally authorized by a commanding officer to recognize particular events, anniversaries or attainments of a temporary nature e.g. sports events or centennial.

In accordance with Chapter 6 of 'CFP 200 – The Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces' the process to have an official Canadian Forces badge produced is as follows:

-         A request for a badge shall be forwarded through the chain of command to NDHQ/DHH and shall contain:

o       Command headquarters approval for a badge and a copy of the unit’s Canadian Forces Organizational Order (CFOO);

o       The theme(s) to be represented on the badge;

o       A commentary on any heritage, operational or other concerns that may be relevant to the unit’s badge or entitlement;

o       The reason for its choice;

o       Any proposed motto; and

o       The references to the sources of any research undertaken.

Do not run a competition; the Canadian Heraldic Authority (CHA) will translate the theme(s) to be represented into heraldically correct imagery and will correspond with the unit’s designated OPI in arriving at a satisfactory design.

o       Primary badge designs shall be personally approved by the Governor-General, as Commander-in-Chief.

o       In cases where new uses of the Royal Crown, cipher, or other Royal devices are being proposed, these shall be referred to the Queen for approval through the Governor-General.

o       The Inspector of Canadian Forces Colours and Badges shall review each primary badge application for entitlement and adherence to military traditions.

o       The CHA designs and paints primary badges in accordance with military practices, the rules of heraldry and unit preferences, obtains the Governor-General’s signature of approval, registers the badge in the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada on behalf of DND, and returns the signed paintings to NDHQ/DHH for safe-keeping.