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Dress and Ceremonial

  1. Can I wear my Mess Dress after retiring/ releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces?
  2. Can I wear my uniform after retiring/releasing from the Canadian Forces?
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  13. While in the US, I was given my US jump wings. Can I wear foreign specialist skill badges on my uniform?
  14. Who is entitled to an official Canadian Forces badge?


Can I wear my uniform after retiring/releasing from the Canadian Forces?


Current regulations regarding the wear of uniforms by retired personnel emanate from Queen’s Regulations and Orders (QR&O), in particular QR&O 17.06 which states: A former member of the Regular Force or Reserve Force, who was released for a reason other than misconduct, may wear a uniform:

(a) with the permission of an officer commanding a command or his designated authority and such other officers as may be designated by the Chief of Defence Staff, when attending a military entertainment or ceremony at which the wearing of uniform is appropriate; and

(b) on other occasions with the permission of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

These instructions are expanded upon in the 'Canadian Forces Dress Instructions Manual(AAD-265-000-AG-001)', which states: Commanders of commands may grant limited, revocable authority for former members and civilians to wear CF uniforms and clothing items in public displays and performances, and special events, if they are satisfied that no harm to the CF reputation will result. In particular: by custom, veterans and other ex-service members may wear undress caps (e.g., berets, wedge caps), with badges, on remembrance and memorial occasions, subject to agreement of the branch/regiment concerned.

Furthermore, all depending how long ago you have retired, you should have received a copy of the handbook entitled "Moving On" and paragraph 14.2 states all of the above.

The more common (and recommended) practice is for former CF personnel to wear proudly their medals, with appropriate civilian attire in accordance with the Governor General aide memoire entitled Wearing of orders, decorations and medals with undress cap (if appropriate).