Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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History and Archives

  1. Can I look at War Diaries, Ship's Logs, or RCAF Operations Record Books?
  2. Does DHH have maps I can use?
  3. Does DHH have photographs I can see and copy?
  4. How can I do research at the Directorate of History and Heritage?
  5. How is the Canadian flag folded during a funeral ceremony?
  6. Is there a 20-year rule, or 30-year rule in effect for the declassification of documents?
  7. What Canadian unit was in (town or village in the UK) between (dates) during the Second World War?
  8. Where can I find out about my father's, grandfather's, uncle's, sister's, mother's etc. war service?
  9. Where can I find out about my mother's (my father's etc.) medals?
  10. Why does DHH ask for written/faxed inquiries?


Does DHH have maps I can use?


Generally, no. The best source for military maps is the Map Collection at the Library and Archives Canada.