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  1. How do I join the Canadian Forces Band Branch?
  2. How do I request the services of a band?
  3. What do Canadian Forces Bands do?
  4. What is required to join the Band Branch?
  5. Why is there a Band Branch in the Canadian Forces?


What do Canadian Forces Bands do?


Engagements for the Canadian Forces Band Branch fall under the following three categories:
  • Military. Military engagements include:
    • Military parades and ceremonies;
    • Recruiting drives;
    • Official military functions attended by military
    • personnel and their guests;
    • Other functions conducted for the benefit of military
    • personnel and their guests only;
    • Functions organized for the benefit of patients of military hospitals and their guests; and
    • Colour presentations and trooping the colour.
  • Governmental (Federal, Provincial and Municipal). Government engagements include:
    • Functions organized in honour of members of the Royal
    • Family, heads of state of foreign countries or distinguished personages; and
    • Engagements in the public service when there are no commercial implications;
  • Civilian. Civilian engagements include:
    • Functions organized or sponsored by commercial enterprises;
    • Commercial recordings, radio broadcasts and telecasts;
    • Charity drives; and
    • Music festivals, including Highland Games.