CFAP Selected Artists Group 3

Bailey, Karen

Art Form: Painting

Karen Bailey was born in Ottawa and studied at the Reigate School of Art and Design in England. While her past work has included book illustration, courtroom drawing, heraldic art and calligraphy, she now focuses on painting people at work. Her recent series documents the military medical personnel at work at the Role 3 Hospital in Kandahar. What interests Bailey most are ‘behind the scenes’ support staff who make it possible for the ‘front line’ service men and women to do their job. She seeks to recognize those whose contribution often goes unnoticed.

She paints from her Ottawa studio and has exhibited in Ireland, Britain, USA and Canada.

X-ray Technicians with Halo Traction Patient

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Ball, Allen

Art Form: Drawing, photos

Allen Ball was born in London, England, where he completed his undergraduate degree at Camberwell School of Art and Design, followed by an MFA at the University of Alberta on a Commonwealth Scholarship. Over the past 20 years, his work has been grounded primarily in the practice of painting, interrogating the limits of its forms and extending its language into an expanded field of inquiry — from large–scale immersive digital installations to collaborative works that explore socio-visual understandings of nanotechnologies. His work can be found in numerous local, national, and international public and private collections. Both his research and teaching philosophy deeply embrace the importance of public art, as evidenced by his 2007 tour of duty as a Canadian war artist in the Sinai Peninsula. Allen Ball is Associate Chair (Undergraduate), Associate Professor, and Painting Coordinator in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta.

"Participation in the Canadian Forces Artists Program has greatly enriched my professional life and practice. I have spent over five years developing the photographs I took during my tour of duty, which culminated in my solo installation at the ASC Gallery building in London, United Kingdom on November 11, 2013. The exhibition runs until November 11, 2014, the centennial of WWI."

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Jones, Catherine

Art Form: Painting

Catherine Jones was born in Halifax and studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She created a study that includes 21 portraits illustrating veterans – from Canada, Britain and Germany – inspired by a Dinner of Reconciliation in Ortona, Italy in 1998 and based on the theme of forgiveness. « Forgiveness is the rarest of all human attributes, » she explains. She recently had some of her work unveiled in the Senate of Canada.

Catherine Jones is currently living in Halifax and has held fifteen solo exhibitions since 1980, including « At the End of the Day, » her study of 21 portraits.

Representative of Their Numbers

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MacDonnell, William

Art Form: Painting

See Group 2

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Waters, Scott

Art Form: Painting

Scott Waters received a visual art degree from the University of Victoria and a Masters of Fine Arts from York University. A Former soldier with the PPCLI, his art practice investigates how the military (especially the infantry) society operates as a social unit both in isolation and in relation to civilian society; how fraternity and mythology informs these societies and how the external viewer perceives them. Born in Northern England, he grew up in British Columbia but now lives in Toronto ON. He was also selected to participate with the CFAP in 2010-2011.

Sleeping in a LAV
Keifer on OP
Sgt. Collette