CF Artists Program (CFAP)

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The need for Canada to record the actions of its military members has not been forgotten. On June 6, 2001, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Maurice Baril, officially announced the creation of the Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP). This new artistic endeavour would allow Canadian artists the opportunity to record Canada's soldiers in Canada and around the world. These artists, all volunteers, will help usher in a new era of Canadian military art.

The CFAP provides a range of unique opportunities to support the independent, creative work of professional Canadian artists of all cultures who wish to contribute to the history of the Canadian Forces. It is the aim of the CFAP to allow artists from across Canada, working in various media, to capture the daily operations, personnel and spirit of the Canadian Forces.

Professional Canadian artists have the opportunity to research, understand and reflect on the participation of men and women of the Canadian Forces in a wide variety of activities at home and abroad. Any professional artist who is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant in good health is able to participate in the Program. The Program welcomes painters, sculptors and printers as well as other professional artists such as musicians, actors and writers.

Artists are transported and escorted according to available resources and imposed operational limitations. National Defence also provides food and accommodation equal to the level provided to the Canadian Forces being deployed. National Defence may request from the artist a tangible artistic contribution, to be negotiated at the time of the selection.

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Forces Artists Program.