CFAP Gertrude Kearns


Medium: acrylic on canvass
Dimensions: 36” x 48”
Date: 2006

Gertrude Kearns visited a FIBUA training exercise at Petawawa, 21-8 August 2004, and also spent a month with Canadians in Afghanistan in 2006.

“This painting set the tone for the series [of six works for the Army]. In so doing it was the most difficult at which to arrive. It is based on a day spent in the mountains with the Canadian detachment at the Afghan National Training Centre in Kabul…. Our fifteen Canadian instructors in general coordinated the efforts of six or so other coalition countries teaching the Afghan National Army…. I have tried to synopsize moods, training activities, history in an upbeat but editorially tinged war poster feel. The context is ‘EH’ land meaning Canada, in relation to Afghanistan. The currently used word ‘asymmetric’ (defined by Wikipedi in the context of warfare as a term that describes ‘a military situation in which two belligerents of unequal power or capacity of action, interact and take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their enemies’) is a loaded wordplay meant to imply also Canada’s propensity for almost 50/50 divisiveness on crucial national concerns. There is internal interaction, physical, psychological and verbal. Interaction with the Canadian public is subtly intended as a projection in this painting in particular.”