CFAP William MacDonnell

The Wall

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions:162.7 x 264.3
Date: 1995

William MacDonnell also participated with the previous CF program, CAFCAP, visiting Croatia in the mid-1990s.

Waiting for Twilight

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions:167.6 x 167.6 cm
Date: 2005

At Patrol Base Wilson, on the first night I was coming out of a large sleeping tent at sundown and saw the DCO and his driver talking to an officer who appeared to be about to lead a group of LAVs out on night patrol. I rather hesitantly started to photograph the scene, not knowing whether I was allowed to do so, or whether on a personal basis, people might not want to be photographed. Shortly afterward, the DCO turned to me, not smiling, and I thought I was going to be severely reprimanded. Instead, he was delighted, and suggested that I shouldn’t concentrate just on operational situations, but to pay attention to people like sentries, who spend hours at the main gate guard tower, or even more importantly to people like “swampers” whose job consisted in filling gas cans day in and day out – probably the least enviable job at any base.