CFAP Karole Marois

The Parade

Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 13 panels each 12” x 48”
Date: 2006

Karole Marois visited Sherbrooke (Dec. 2003) and Holland, 25 April - 12 May 2005.

“The Parade is an installation of 13 canvases measuring each 1 ft wide by 4 ft high. Number 13 is a significant number. It can either be happy or sad. I purposely chose this shape of canvas so that when installed together side by side, the complete artwork would look like a row of soldiers, or a row of gravestones. Life and death together side by side. Two of the canvases are actually painted as gravestones of real Canadian soldiers who have died during the Second World War and are buried in cemeteries in the Netherlands.

The Parade includes the 3 services (army, air force and navy). I emphasized the grey rainy weather to make the parade look more like an illusion, a feeling. The parade becomes a reflection moving across a row of gravestones. Like a memory of 60 years ago. You can see Dutch houses, an old windmill and a bicycle path. A Dutch child hugs a Canadian veteran, and flags of Canada and the Netherlands stand out joyfully against the grey background.”