CFAP Dick Averns

OCWAM (Official Canadian War Art Meter) (detail)

Medium: Sculpture
Dimensions: 4' x 2' x 8'
Date: 2010

"it was extremely hot, humid, gritty. Having several days alone in Cairo provided a good opportunity for acclimatization, becoming familiar with language barriers, and undertaking essential research at military museums....

Cover of program for exhibition War Art Now

Medium: Program for War Art Now at The Founders' Gallery, Calgary
Dimensions: None Applicable
Date: 2011

For my visit to the MFO, deciding what might be portrayed was more complex. .... Canadian troops were under the auspices of MFO command in Rome, information dissemination was beyond the immediate control of the Canadian personnel. Hence, I really had little idea of what I would see until I arrived. ... the main content of my photographic series was not conceived until I arrived at MFO North Camp. In having chosen this venue because I consider the Middle East and Arab/Israeli conflicts as forerunners to the Global War on Terror, and thus it’s relevance to oil as a currency, upon arrival I was struck by both gasoline shortages in Sinai (and later the West Bank), and moreover the value of fresh water. Hearing of local kids begging for bottled water, seeing water meter signs on base warning of conservation and rationing, and experiencing the extreme heat and observing beyond the wire of the camp how Egyptian militia and Bedouin were so far removed from clean fresh water; this topic became a focus."