CF Women's Orders of Dress (1965-68)

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Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Nursing Sister, No. 7 with Cape (1967)

RCAF Nursing Sister, No. 6A Working Dress (summer) (1967)

RCAF Nursing Sister No. 5A Working Dress (winter) (1967)

RCAF Nursing Sister No. 8 Mess Dress (1967)

WREN Officer, No. 21 Summer Service Dress (1968)

WREN Officer,  No. 24 Summer Service Dress (1968)

Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WREN) Non- commissioned member, No. 1 Ceremonial Dress (1968)

WREN Officer, No. 7 Mess Dress (1968)

RCAF Officer (Woman), No. 5 Winter Service Dress (1967)

RCAF Airwoman, No. 7 Work Dress (summer) (1967)

RCAF Airwoman, No. 6A Service Dress (1967)

RCAF Officer (Woman), No. 8 Mess Dress (1967)