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This photograph depicts five Canadian observers huddled in
a fox hole overlooking the Battle of Arleux. The Battle of
Arleux (April 28-29, 1917) was part of the Battle of Arras.

Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence/Library and
Archives Canada/; (MIKAN no. 3521895))


28-29 April 1917

Geographical Parameters

Boiry–Notre–Dame - Monchy–le–Preux - Beaurains - Roclincourt - Vimy (exclusive) - Acheville


A battle honour formally entitled the “Battle of Arleux” and itself being part of “The Battles of Arras, 1917” 1.


The Honour “Arleux” was awarded for actions on 28 and 29 April 1917 that resulted in the successful capture of the village of Arleux-en-Gohelle to the east of Vimy Ridge. Conducted mainly by the 1st Canadian Division (Major-General A.W. Currie) the Canadian attack was meant to capture a portion of the German “Arleux Loop” defensive position in front of the village. The Canadian portion of the attack was launched in the early morning of the 28th and had successfully gained its objectives by 6:00 am after which reinforcements moved forward in anticipation of German counterattacks. These counterattacks were mainly broken up by Canadian artillery fire. The Germans eventually fell back on to their Oppy-Méricourt Line defences in front of Fresnoy-en-Gohelle abandoning the Arleux salient. The successful attack on Arleux gave the Canadians a good jumping off point for their attack as part of the Third Battle of the Scarpe launched on 3 May.

A German N.C.O. prisoner lights a cigarette for a
wounded Canadian at the taking of Arleux [France]
April, 1917.

Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence/Library and
Archives Canada/; (MIKAN no. 3194801)

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