Battle Honours and Honorary Distinctions

SOMME, 1916

Shrapnel bursting over reserve trench in Canadian lines.
September, 1916

Credit: W.I. Castle / Library and Archives Canada /
PA-000733; Photographer: (MIKAN no. 3521762)


1 July – 18 November 1916

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A group honour incorporating the “Battle of Albert, 1916”, the “Battle of Bazentin Ridge”, the “Battle of Delville Wood”, the “Battle of Pozières Ridge”, the “Battle of Guillemont”, the “Battle of Ginchy”, the “Battle of Flers-Courcelette”, the “Battle of Thiepval Ridge”, the “Battle of the Transloy Ridges”, the “Battle of the Ancre Heights”, and the “Battle of the Ancre, 1916”, formally entitled “The Battles of The Somme, 1916”, and itself being part of the “Operations on the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916)”. 1.


This Honour “Somme, 1916” was awarded to all units that participated in the whole series of battles that were part of the British offensives on the Somme between the 1st July and the 18th of November 1916. Planned as a large offensive to break German lines astride the Somme River it was a joint French and British attack begun on the 1st July 1916. The breakthrough hoped for on that day never materialised so a series of subsequent attacks continued to be planned on various scales in order to break the German lines. Ground was gradually won at a high cost but the hoped-for breakthrough never materialised in almost six months of fighting. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment was the first unit of the present day Canadian Armed Forces to be engaged in the Somme offensive on 1 July. It fought there again later in October 1916. Units of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade (Brigadier-General J.E.B. Seely) participated in the fighting in July 1916. The Canadian Corps (Lieutenant-General Sir J.H.G. Byng) joined the fighting on the Somme at the end of August, the newly formed 4th Canadian Division (Major-General Sir D. Watson), not yet part of the Canadian Corps, arriving there in October.

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