Significant Dates in Canadian Military History

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Today in History

  • 5/7/1814
    An American brigade defeats a British force at the Battle of Chippawa.
  • 5/7/1900
    At Wolve Spruit, near Standarton in South Africa, Sergeant A.H.L. Richardson of the Strathcona's Horse spotted a wounded Canadian trooper whose horse had been shot, and rode through heavy crossfire to within 300 metres of the enemy in order to rescue his comrade. For his actions Sergeant Richardson earned the Victoria Cross.
  • 5/7/1916
    The Government of Canada authorizes the creation of an all black battalion that became No. 2 Construction Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
  • 5/7/1940
    The Honourable James Layton Ralston is appointed Minister of National Defence.
  • 5/7/1950
    HMC Ships Athabaskan, Cayuga and Sioux sail from Esquimalt, British Columbia, to join the United Nations naval forces operating in Korean waters.