Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Calgary

HMCS Calgary Badge

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Or a bend wavy Azure charged with a like bendlet Argent and in front across the centre of a bow stringed fesse-wise an arrow point upwards in pale both Sable.


The gold is representative of the fertile grain fields of the area and the "bend wavy" indicative of the Bow River which flows through Calgary. The bow is in acknowledgement of the Natives of the area.




Gold and Blue


The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1942-45; BISCAY, 1943;NORMANDY, 1944; ENGLISH CHANNEL ,1944-45; NORTH SEA, 1945.


First of Name

Corvette, Flower Class.
Commissioned 16 December 1941.1
Paid off 15 June 1945.2

Second of Name

Frigate, Halifax Class.
Commissioned 12 May 1995.3


The Second World War

Calgary served on escort duties in the North Atlantic and off the coast of Scotland with 'Western Local Escort Force,' 'Western Support Force,' 'Western Approaches Command' and 'Nore Command'. During her time with 'Western Support Force' and 'Nore Command' she shared in the sinking of the German submarine U536 and sank U772.4

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