Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Champlain

HMCS Champlain Badge

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Vert a bend wavy Argent charged with a like bendlet Gules overall a maple leaf Or.


The maple leaf stems from a previously unapproved badge design for the first Champlain. The bend represents the Saguenay River, which was first explored by Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec, and upon whose shore Champlain is located. The colours green, gold, and red are taken from the Saguenay District flag.


SE PRÉPARER À SE DÉFENDRE (Preparing to defend)


Gold and Green




First of Name

Destroyer, "S" Class.
Ex - HMS Torbay.
Commissioned 1 March 1928.1
Paid off 25 November 1936.2

Second of Name

Shore establishment.
Naval Reserve Division, Chicoutimi, Quebec.
Commissioned 15 August 1986.3

1. Ship's Log, 1 March 1928, Document Collection/collection de documents 81/520, 8000 HMCS Champlain I

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3. Annual Historical Report/Rapport historique annuel 1986 - HMCS/NCSM Champlain, file/dossier 1325-1, AHR/RHA 1326-1197

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