Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Chicoutimi

HMCS Chicoutimi Badge

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Azure in front of a pile Argent bordered throughout by a letter " V " also Argent fimbriated Azure surmounting three bars wavy in base Argent a bear rampant Sable holding in the forepaws a fleur-de-lis Azure.


The badge incorporates a "V" design in blue and white in reference to the Victoria class of submarines and the colours of Quebec. The bear is an animal indigenous to the Chicoutimi area representing ferocity and strength. It protects a fleur-de-lis and stands on waves representing both the maritime environment in which the vessel operates and the rivers and lakes of the Chicoutimi area.


To be determined


Blue and White


The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1941-44.


First of Name

Corvette, Flower Class.
Commissioned 12 May 1941.1
Paid off 16 June 1945.2

Second of Name

Submarine, Victoria Class.
Ex - HMS Upholder.
Commissioned (to be determined - 2002).3


The Second World War

Chicoutimi served on escort duties off of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland with 'Western Local Escort Force' and 'Newfoundland Command'.4

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3. To be determined/À déterminer

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