Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Nonsuch

HMCS Nonsuch Badge

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Or a beaver rampant proper gorged with a collar Gules edged Or upon which a roundel displaying the device of St. George.


The division derives its name from that of the ketch that brought the early merchant adventurers into Hudson Bay in 1668. Two years later the Hudson Bay Company received its charter, and a trading post and fort was established by them at what is now the City of Edmonton.

The Arms of the Hudson Bay Company are basically the Cross of St. George but in each of the quarters there is displayed a beaver (black) in the conventional pose.

The badge design is composed of the elements found in the above-mentioned arms. The gold background refers to the wealth of wheat and oil for which the area around Edmonton is today renowned.


A CAMPIS AD MARIA (From the prairies to the sea)


Gold and Scarlet


Pre-The First World War

KENTISH KNOCK, 1652; PORTLAND, 1653; GABBARD, 1653; TEXEL, 1673; ST LUCIA, 1778; THE SAINTS, 1782.

The First World War

JUTLAND, 1916.


Perpetuates, by right of continuous unbroken service from the Royal Canadian Navy, eleven warships of the Royal Navy which previously carried the name. This perpetuation cannot be passed on to a new construction.


First of Name

Shore establishment.
Naval Reserve Division, Edmonton, Alberta.
Commissioned as a tender to HMCS Naden 1 November 1941.1
Recommissioned as an independent shore establishment 1 September 1942.2
Paid off 30 November 1964.3
Recommissioned 27 September 1975.4

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4. "The Commissioning of HMCS Nonsuch September 27 1975 Edmonton Alberta", AHR/RHA 1326-1338

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