Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Oriole

HMCS Oriole Badge

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Or an oriole proper.


Nothing could be more appropriate for the badge than the oriole in its natural plumage.




Orange and Black


The Second World War

DUNKIRK, 1940.


Perpetuates, by right of continuous unbroken service from the Royal Canadian Navy, two warships of the Royal Navy which previously carried the name. This perpetuation cannot be passed on to a new construction.


First of Name

Sailing vessel.
Ex - Civil Oriole IV; ex - Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Oriole IV:
Commissioned 19 June 1952.1

1. Document Collection/collection de documents 81/520, 8000 HMCS Oriole. Note/Nota: Oriole was paid off and recommissioned yearly for maintenance. On 19 July 1954, upon transfer to the west coast, she was re-commissioned for the final time/Chaque année, le NCSM Oriole a été désarmé puis remis en service aux fins de maintenance annuelle. Le 19 juillet 1954, lors de son transfert vers la côte ouest, elle a été pour la dernière fois remise en service. [Signal, ORIOLE to CANFLAGLANT, 200152Z July 1954]

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