Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Summerside

HMCS Summerside Badge

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Gules a demi sun in splendour Or issuant in base charged with an island Vert to the sinister an oak tree fructed to the dexter thereof three oak saplings sprouting all proper the island rising out of barry wavy Or and Gules.


The badge represents in the language of heraldry the name of the community which Summerside proudly bears. The sun and waves of the sea in red and gold recall the summer, while the depiction of the island and oak trees as found in the Arms of the Province of Prince Edward Island are placed at the centre of the design.


SPEM SUCCESSUS ALIT (Success nourishes hope)


Gold and Red


The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1941-44; GULF OF ST. LAWRENCE, 1942, 1944; NORMANDY, 1944; ENGLISH CHANNEL, 1944-45.


First of Name

Corvette, Flower Class.
Commissioned 11 September 1941.1
Paid off 6 July 1945.2

Second of Name

Shore establishment.
Coastal Defence Vessel, Kingston Class.
Commissioned 18 July 1999.3


The Second World War

Summerside served on escort duties off of Nova Scotia, in the North Atlantic, around the United Kingdom and in the Mediterranean with 'Halifax Force', 'Newfoundland Escort Force', 'Quebec Force', 'Mid-Ocean Escort Force' and 'Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth'.4

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