Volume 2, Part 1: Extant Commissioned Ships

HMCS Whitehorse

HMCS Whitehorse Badge

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Azure three bands wavy Or over all a horse forcene Argent.


The name Whitehorse comes from the Whitehorse Rapids which are said to resemble the mane of a white horse. The bends of the field represent the river and they are gold in remembrance of the Klondike Gold Rush.


AUDENTES FORTUNA JUVAT (Fortune assists the daring)


Blue and White




First of Name

Coastal Defence Vessel, Kingston Class.
Commissioned 17 April 1998.1

1. Annual Historical Report/Rapport historique annuel 1998 -MARPACHQ, 26 March/mars 1999, file/dossier 1325-2 (CO), AHR/RHA1326-0097, vol.5

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