Volume 3, Part 1: Armour, Artillery and Field Engineer Regiments - ARMOUR REGIMENTS


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A dexter hand in armour Argent charged with a maple leaf Gules above a billet fesswise Sable edged and inscribed CANADA in letters Or, the whole set on a double-headed arrows forming two concentric circles Or and ensigned by the Royal Crown proper.


The concentric circles symbolize the pincer operations of armoured forces. The mailed gauntlet symbolizes armour.




My Boy Willie


British Army

Royal Armoured Corps


The Armour Branch originated on 13 August 1940 when the 'Canadian Armoured Corps' of the Canadian Active Service Force was authorized to be formed.1 It was redesignated: 'Royal Canadian Armoured Corps' on 2 August 1945;2 'The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps' on 22 March 1948;3 'Royal Canadian Armoured Corps' on 17 February 1964;5 'Armoured Branch' on 27 August 1971;6 and 'Armour Branch' on 15 December 1980.8


1. GO 250/40. Only units of the Permanent and Non Permanent Active Militia which were placed on active service for the war were part of the corps. The Active Militia units retained the status of separate corps / Seules les unités de la Milice active permanente et non permanente mises en service actif pour la guerre firent partie de ce corps. Les unités de la Milice active conservèrent leur statut de corps séparé.

2. GO 275/45.

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