Volume 3, Part 1: Armour, Artillery and Field Engineer Regiments - Artillery Regiments and Batteries


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This Reserve Force regiment originated on 27 November 1856 and incorporates the following regiments.

The 2nd Field Artillery Regiment, RCA originated in Montréal, Quebec on 27 November 1856, when the 'Battalion of Montreal Artillery' was authorized to be formed.1 It was redesignated: 'Montreal Brigade of Garrison Artillery' on 6 February 1869;2 '2nd "Montreal" Battalion of Garrison Artillery' on 1 January 1893;3 '2nd "Montreal" Regiment, CA' on 28 December 1895;4 '2nd "Montreal" Regiment (Heavy Brigade), CA' on 2 April 1907;5 '2nd "Montreal" Heavy Brigade, CGA' on 2 May 1910;6 'The Montreal Heavy Brigade, CGA' on 1 March 1912;7 '2nd Heavy Brigade, CA' on 2 February 1920;8 '2nd Medium Brigade, CA' on 1 July 1925;9 '2nd Medium Brigade, RCA' on 3 June 1935;10 '2nd (Reserve) Medium Brigade, RCA' on 7 November 1940;11 '2nd (Reserve) Medium Regiment, RCA' on 1 December 1942;12 '2nd (Reserve) Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA' on 28 July 1944;13 and '2nd Medium Regiment, RCA' on 1 April 1946.14 On 15 September 1959 it was amalgamated with the '51st Medium Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA' (see below), retaining the same designation.15 It was redesignated '2nd Medium Artillery Regiment, RCA' on 12 April 1960.16 On 26 February 1965 the regiment was reduced to nil strength, made dormant and transferred to the Supplementary Order of Battle.17 It was removed from the Supplementary Order of Battle on 1 June 1966 and embodied in the Reserve Force under the designation '2nd Field Artillery Regiment, RCA'.18

The 51st Medium Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA originated in Montréal, Quebec on 1 April 1946, when the '51st Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA' was authorized to be formed.21 It was redesignated '51st Medium Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RCA' on 22 August 1955.22 On 15 September 1959 it was amalgamated with the 2nd Medium Regiment, RCA, as above.

Notes :
The 2nd Heavy Brigade, CA was authorized a Reserve order of battle counterpart on 1 November 1920 (GO 186/20). The reserve unit was disbanded on 14 December 1936 (GO 3/37).

The 2nd Heavy Brigade, CA was disbanded for the purpose of reorganization on 1 April 1922 and reorganized the same day (GO 9/22). This change was administrative and does not affect the lineage of the brigade.


‘Corps of Provincial Royal Artillery Drivers’, ‘Royal Militia Artillery’, and, '2nd Brigade, CGA, CEF'

Headquarters Location

Montréal, Quebec

Allocated Batteries

7th Field Battery, RCA
50th Field Battery, RCA
66th Field Battery, RCA

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Fenian Raids

The Montreal Brigade of Garrison Artillery was called out on active service on 24 May 1870. The brigade, which served on the South-eastern frontier, was removed from active service on 31 May 1870.23

North West Rebellion

Elements of the Montreal Brigade of Garrison Artillery, which were mobilized for active service on 10 April 1885,24 served with the Battleford Column of the North-West Field Force.25 They were removed from active service on 24 July 1885.26

The First World War

Details from The Montreal Heavy Brigade were placed on active service on 6 August 1914 for local protection duties.27

The 2nd Brigade was mobilized in France on 18 January 1917 as the '2nd Canadian Heavy Artillery Group, CEF'.28 It was redesignated '2nd Brigade, CGA, CEF' on 12 January 1918.29 It provided siege artillery support as part of the Canadian Corps troops in France and Flanders until the end of the war.30 The brigade was disbanded on 1 November 1920.31

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