Volume 3, Part 1: Armour, Artillery and Field Engineer Regiments - Engineer Regiments and Squadrons


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This Reserve Force regiment originated in Toronto, Ontario on 15 June 1920, when the '2nd Divisional Engineer Headquarters, CE' was authorized to be formed.1 It was redesignated: '2nd Divisional Engineer Headquarters, RCE' on 29 April 1936;2 'Headquarters, 2nd District Engineers, RCE' on 15 December 1936;3 'Headquarters, 2nd (Reserve) District Engineers, RCE' on 7 November 1940;4 'Headquarters, RCE, 2nd Division' on 1 April 1946;5 'Headquarters, 2nd Field Engineer Regiment, RCE' on 19 June 1947;6 '2nd Field Engineer Regiment (M)' on 21 May 1975;7 and '2nd Field Engineer Regiment' on 9 July 1990.9


GO 157 of 3 September 1912 authorized the appointment of a lieutenant-colonel as 'Commanding Divisional Engineers' for the 2nd Division. This was a staff appointment and does not constitute authority for the organization of a headquarters unit.

The 2nd Divisional Engineer Headquarters, CE was authorized a Reserve order of battle counterpart on 1 November 1930 (GO 128/30). The reserve unit was disbanded on 14 December 1936 (GO 3/37).

Headquarters Location

Toronto, Ontario


The Second World War

Headquarters, 2nd District Engineers mobilized 'Headquarters, 2nd Divisional Engineers, RCE, CASF' on 1 September 1939.11 It embarked for Britain in August 1940. It moved to North West Europe in July 1944 as part of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division where it served until the end of the war.12 The unit was disbanded on 13 October 1945.13

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