Volume 4: Operational Flying Squadrons

448 Test Squadron

448 Test Squadron Badge

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Azure issuant from bass five piles Vert fimbriated Argent the whole charged with an elk's head erased affronté Or.


The squadron selected symbols based on the environment of its origin. The elk, a magnificent animal with the male presenting the finest appearance of any Canadian deer, and the evergreen forests, which are snow covered for many months of the year, give a truly northern picture. The elk's head is shown erased. The forests are represented by five piles and fimbriated to indicate the snow.


IN AGENDO PRAESTANTES (Excel at assigned tasks)




Authorized as '448 Test Squadron' 20 June 1967.1
Amalgamated with 'Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment' (authorized 1 July 1967),2 and redesignated 'Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment, Cold Lake' 1 September 1971.3

1. CFOO/OOFC 1.24.3, 20 June/juin 1967, file/dossier F 1901-4363/448 (DO)

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3. Historical Summary, "448 Test Squadron/Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment", 1 Jan - 31 Dec 71, Annex A to C1325-1 (Comd), 23 March 1972 /Sommaire historique, «448 Test Squadron/Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment», 1er jan - 31 déc 1971, annexe A à C1325-1 (Comd), 23 Mars 1972, AHR/RHA 1326-2671; Sentinel. vol 7, nr 7 (September 1971), p.23.  Nota: l'Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment fut rebaptisé en français «Centre d'essais technique (Aérospatiale)»

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