Volume 4: Operational Flying Squadrons

449 Maritime Training Squadron

449 Maritime Training Squadron Badge

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Argent in front of a pomme a unicorn's head couped Argent horn and mane Or.


The squadron adopted a unicorn as its badge device for, like the fabulous animal, its self assurance comes from the knowledge that it combines the best of the many parts of which it is composed. The pomme is in recognition of Greenwood, the location where the squadron was formed.


UNANIMI CUM RATIONE (United with a purpose)




Authorized as '449 Maritime Training Squadron' 24 June 1968.1
Disbanded 1 September 1975.2

1. CFOO/OOFC 9.2.3, 24 June/juin 1968, file/dossier F 1901-4363/449 (DO)

2. NDHQ Message/Message du QGDN, DOE 309, 24 July/juillet 1975, file/dossier 1901-280 (DOE), AHR/RHA 1326-2560

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