Volume 4: Operational Flying Squadrons

450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron Badge

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Argent in front of a Viking axe and sword in saltire Gules a Viking helmet Or.


Since the Vikings are considered to be among the first people to venture forth into unknown and uncharted areas, the Viking motif bears suitable reference to the fact that the squadron was the first Canadian heavy transport helicopter squadron formed to venture into the comparatively new role of logistic air support using helicopters.






Authorized as '450 Heavy Transport Helicopter Squadron' 29 March 1968,1 from '1 Army Helicopter Transport Platoon, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps' (authorized 10 December 1963).2
Redesignated '450 Transport Helicopter Squadron' 20 May 1970.3
Redesignated '450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron' 15 June 1993.5
Disbanded 1 January 1998.6


450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

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