Volume 4: Operational Flying Squadrons

425 Tactical Fighter Squadron

425 Tactical Fighter Squadron Badge

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Argent a lark volant wings elevated and adorned proper.


The badge is derived from the squadron nickname "Alouette", and the motto comes from the refrain of the French Canadian folk song. The lark is shown in a hovering position indicative of a bomber over a target, about to strike the enemy.


JE TE PLUMERAI (I shall pluck you)


The Second World War

ENGLISH CHANNEL AND NORTH SEA, 1942-1943; FORTRESS EUROPE, 1942-1944; FRANCE AND GERMANY, 1944-1945; Biscay Ports, 1943-1944; Ruhr, 1942-1945; Berlin, 1944; German Ports, 1942-1945; Normandy, 1944; Rhine; BISCAY, 1942-1943; SICILY, 1943; ITALY, 1943; Salerno.


Authorized as 'No.425 (French Canadian) (Bomber) Squadron' 22 June 1942.1
Disbanded 5 September 1945.2
Reformed as '425 All Weather Fighter Squadron' 1 October 1954.3
Disbanded 1 May 1961.4
Reformed 15 October 1961.5
Redesignated '425 Tactical Fighter Squadron' 1 July 1984.7


The Second World War

The squadron flew on bombing and mine-laying operations in Great Britain under 'Bomber Command' and in Tunisia under 'Mediterranean Air Command'.8


425 Tactical Fighter Squadron

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