Volume 4: Operational Flying Squadrons

922 Composite Squadron

922 Composite Squadron Badge

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Barry wavy Argent and Azure issuing from the base a demi sun in splendour Or and over all a Kwakiutl Thunder Bird of the West Coast Indians volant and coloured proper.


The background is derived from the Arms of British Columbia, where this naval air squadron was based. The Thunder Bird is a well known mythical creature in West Coast Indian legend and folklore and being depicted in a flying position is symbolic of air flight.


INDAGANDO ET PERCUTIENDO (By tracking and striking)


Black and Gold




This Royal Canadian Navy squadron was authorized as '922 Composite Squadron', 1 December 1953.1
Disbanded 31 March 1964.2

1. "Directive for the Formation of Reserve Naval Squadron", 23 November 1953, file/dossier 1700-219/922, NAC/AN, RG/GE 24, Accn 83-84/167, box/boîte 565

2. Message, 5 December 1963, file/dossier 1700–219/922, NAC/AN, RG/GE 24, Accn 83-84/167, box/boîte 565

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