Volume 4: Operational Flying Squadrons

No.4 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron

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The Second World War

PACIFIC COAST, 1941-1945.


Authorized as '4 (Operations) Squadron' 1 April 1925.1
Redesignated 'No.4 Squadron (Training)' 1 April 1927.2
Disbanded 1 July 1927 on transfer to the non-military Directorate of Civil Government Air Operations.3
Reformed 1 April 1928.4
Redesignated 'No.4 (Flying Boat) Squadron' 1 November 1935.5
Redesignated 'No.4 (General Reconnaissance) Squadron' 1 December 1937.6
Redesignated 'No.4 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron' 1 September 1939.7
Disbanded 7 August 1945.8


The Second World War

The squadron flew on anti-submarine operations on the Pacific Coast under 'Western Air Command'.9

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