Canadian Forces Headquarters (CFHQ) Reports, 1965-1970

When Col C.P. Stacey returned to Ottawa to organize the Directorate of History out of the three former separate Service historical sections, he introduced the practice of writing historical narratives of current operations or on topics of contemporary interest.

In form, the CFHQ reports, compiled from 1965-1980, are the successors of the Canadian Military Headquarters (CMHQ) Reports and the Army Headquarters (AHQ) Reports; in content, they deal with peacekeeping, naval aspects of the Second World War, and the organization and structure of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence from colonial times.

The CFHQ Reports below have been declassified and are being made available electronically over time. All hard copies are available at the Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH). Historical documents in their own right, these reports are available only in English.

The following historical documents are from the period prior to 1969 and/or are presented in their original language only, with permission from Director Official Languages (DOL).

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Historical Activities Within the Canadian Army 2 Jul 1965  1 
Canadian-American Defence Relations 1 Aug 1965  2 
Material in the Department of External Affairs Relating to Canada and Peacekeeping Operations 9 Sep 1965  3 
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations 22 Oct 1965  4 
The Prince Ships, 1940-1945 31 Oct 1965  5 
Canadian Militia prior to Confederation 30 Jun 1966  6 
Militias of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island 4 Jul 1966  7 
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations - The Congo, 1960-64 15 Jul 1966  8 
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations - The Lebanon 1958 25 Jul 1966  9 
HMCS PRESERVER (Fairmile Depot Ship, 1942-1945 30 Jun 1966  10 
The Office of the Deputy Ministers in the Departments Responsible for Canadian Defence 22 Aug 1966  11 
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations - West New Guinea (West Irian) 9 Dec 1966  12 
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations - Yemen and UNYOM 19 Dec 1966  13 
Canada's First Military Attache 8 Sep 1967  14 
Attempts to Integrate Canada's Armed Forces before 1945 4 Dec 1970  15 
Canada and Peacekeeping Operations - The Withdrawal of UNEF from Egypt, May 1967 1 Apr 1967  16