CFMAS - Changes From Prior Releases

Major improvements to Canadian Forces Artifact Management System Version 3.0 encompass:

  1. the Search Engine;
  2. the Artifact Screens;
  3. an Online HELP file;
  4. a French version;
  5. a Backup feature;
  6. Mandatory Fields;

Search Engine

The search engine has been improved by allowing the appropriate comment field to be searched. Users are now able to search for any word, which may appear in the comment fields of all artifacts that are stored in the database. This is an additional search as the original search engine is still available.

Artifact Screens

The artifact screens have been modified. To search for the donor information, additional fields (First name, Last name) have been added. These additional fields will make it easier and faster to search through the catalogued sources. In version 3.0, to find the correct classification for any catalogue, the user need only enter a key word and let the search engine search for any classification that may contain the search criteria. The system will then prompt the user to select the correct category from the generated list. Once the appropriate category has been chosen the system will populate all of the classification fields in the artifact screen. If no choice is made the system will default to the unclassifiable category.

Online HELP

An Online HELP file feature has been incorporated directly into the Main Menu (HELP). The Online HELP file reacts like all Windows ® standard Help Files. A Contents, Index, and Search tab is provided for the HELP file. All topics are printable. The Service Support Request form can be found and printed through this help file and converted to HTML format.

NOTE: The French version of the HELP file is not available due to translation delays and will be distributed when it becomes available. The English version however has been incorporated into both versions in the interim.


The Main Menu now contains a Backup menu feature. Two options for backups are available:

  1. Local Backup - This option will close down the programme and backup the database file. This feature will always check for the existence of the backup directory (C:\Mus_back\) and then for the a previous backup copy. The old backup file will be renamed and the current backup database file (MUSEUM.DB) will be saved.
  2. Windows Backup - This option informs the user of the file to be backed (C:\museum\database\museum.db). It will then shut down CFAMS and start the Windows Backup application. The user must then follow the Windows® Backup instructions to select the file to be backed up and destination of the backup file. This feature allows users to backup to any directory on the hard drive or to an external device or drive which may be attached to the local system.

French and English versions

Both a French and English version have been included on the Distribution CD-ROM with the release of CFAMS 3.0. Both applications are contained in the CD but only one can be installed at any given time, as they will both be installed to the same directories. The install wizard will also run in the desired language.

The French version may have some typos, as some of the fields may have been missed when submitted for translation. In addition we have tried to translate the system generated error messages but some may have been missed. The database error messages are generated by the DBMS software and have to be coded to translate all of the possible error messages

Mandatory Fields

Certain mandatory fields have been removed to allow for a more user-friendly application.