CFMAS - Patches and Revisions

CFAMS Service Release Patches (SP) are issued to correct problems discovered by end-users and issued as required.

Long term development includes the CF Museum Central Database to allow for wider inter-museum participation, sharing, lending as well as a central backup location.

CFAMS Version 3 Service Patches (SP)

The following Service Patches (SP) has been deployed to correct the following known issues:

  1. source window would not generate a source number greater then 175520063. When the user pressed the save button they would get an integrity violation error because the primary key already existed (SP 1);
  2. slow retrieval of the artefact search screen when the search artefact window is called .The links in the SQL statement between the artefact, source, and artefact classification tables caused a slow retrieval when the result set was larger then 5000 records. At 12000 artefacts the retrieval was taking over 30 minutes (SP 1).

DOWNLOAD Instruction: Save file to local hard drive. Once copied, launch application. TO BE USED ONLY WITH CFAMS VERSION 3.

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