The Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH) provides for, administers and maintains the Accredited CF Museum system and policies for the Canadian Forces (CF).

The CF museum system is the collective term for the grouping of CF museums under the supervision of the Staff Officer, Museums and Historical Collections (DHH 5).

Each official CF museum (and unaccredited unit/base historical collection) is an independent, self-financed, non-public fund (NPF) institution operating under the authority and direction of its supporting commander.

Common Agenda

The purpose of any museum or historical collection is to preserve, protect, display, and interpret a segment of our cultural heritage. No one institution can do everything, and it is important for all museums to share a"common agenda" to ensure that all aspects of our history are covered in a balanced manner, and that untoward competition does not cripple a worthy endeavour.

It is CF museum policy to encourage contact among all museums, whether operated by the CF or by civilian agencies, to promote the preservation of military artefacts and to cooperate for the good of all CF museum policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)