Canadian Forces Music Branch - Welcome

Welcome to the Canadian Forces Music Branch. The Music Branch provides support to all elements of the Canadian Forces (CF) and as such, our musicians can be seen in Navy, Army or Air Force dress. In keeping with the rich heritage of Canadian military music, we provide services from both the brass/reed as well as the pipes & drums disciplines. Services are provided by 6 full-time regular force bands, 53 part-time reserve force bands and 15 voluntary bands.

Role of the Music Branch

The role of the CF Music Branch is to provide quality music that is designed to support CF operations, foster morale and esprit de corps and to promote DND and Canadian aesthetics and values both nationally and abroad. The branch is also tasked to promote the Canadian Forces as a career choice for Canadians.

Fulfilling the Role

The Music Branch performs a wide array of domestic and international engagements including government and military parades and ceremonies, public concerts, shows and festivals, public events, school concerts, military and state dinners, award ceremonies and community events. Groups and soloists may perform to add ambiance at a social function, embellish the significance of a ceremony, or may be headliners to a captive audience at an international concert event. CF music performances are often broadcast on radio and television, and bands from the branch regularly release recordings.

Given the diversity of audiences and engagements involved towards attaining its mandate, the Music Branch deploys numerous ensemble configurations drawn from both brass/reed and pipes & drums cadres that perform a wide variety of music styles. Ensembles range from parade and concert bands through stage and show bands to jazz combos, rock bands, and chamber groups. Though military music is a mainstay, the various groups also perform a vast array of other music styles including traditional and folk music, pop, rock, jazz, classical and wind ensemble repertoire.