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Memorial Number: 35059-015
Type: granite sculpture
Address: 284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON Photo Credit: Hellmut Shade

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This federally-funded memorial to Canada's participation in the First World War, "The Canadian Phalanx", was sculpted by the Yugoslavian artist Ivan Mestrovic. It was encased in a granite frame in 1972 by D.A. Topolski. The following information provided by the City of Ottawa Archives: During the first World War, a committee headed by Lord Beaverbrook commissioned a vast collection of documentary art to commemorate Canada's participation in the war. Given as a gift to Canada in 1920, the Canadian War Memorial collection includes the marble relief entitled "The Canadian Phalanx" by the Yugoslavian sculptor, Ivan Mestrovic. The granite architecture frame in which it was set was designed by D.A. Topolski in 1972.

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