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Memorial Number: 35021-002
Type: Provincial Military Plaque
Location: At the Etobicoke Civic Centre.
Address: Highway 427 and Burnhamthorpe Road
Reference: Etobicoke
Toronto (Etobicoke), ON
Surveyor: Molly Sutherland; Terry MacDonald
Photo Credit: Molly Sutherland; Terry MacDonald. (

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Adjacent to the Cenotaph, a provincial plaque commemorating Corporal Frederick George Topham, V.C., an Etobicoke war Hero. It was erected in 1980. Refer to memorial number 35021-001

1917 – 1974

Born in Toronto, Topham was educated here before working in
the mines at Kirkland Lake. He enlisted on August 3, 1942,
and served at home and abroad as a medical orderly. On March
24, 1945, while serving with the 1st Canadian Parachute Bat-
talion, he defied heavy enemy fire to treat casualties sustained
in a parachute drop east of the Rhine, near Wesel. Rejecting
treatment for his own severe face wound, he continued to
rescue the injured for six hours. While returning to his com-
pany, he saved three occupants of a burning carrier which
was in danger of exploding. For these exceptional deeds,
Topham was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest decor-
ation for valour in the British Commonwealth.

Erected by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Recreation