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Memorial Number: 35009-046
Type: plaque
Location: Billy Bishop Museum
Address: needs further research
Owen Sound, ON
Surveyor: Pink / Coulter
Photo Credit: Pink / Coulter

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This memorial is dedicated to William Avery "Billy" Bishop. It was erected by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

1894 - 1956

Billy Bishop was renowned as a pilot with the Royal Flying
Corps and Royal Air Force during World War I by shooting
down at least 72 enemy aircraft and leading other daring
missions against the enemy. For these exploits, he was
awarded the Victoria Cross, the D.S.O. and other medals
for bravery, becoming Canada's most decorated serviceman.
Born in Owen Sound, he was educated here and at Royal
Military College, Kingston. His later life was spent largely
in England and Montreal. During part of World War II he
served with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Ottawa as an
honorary Air Marshal.

Billy Bishop est né à Owen Sound et a étudié au Royal
Military College de Kingston. Pilote émérite du Royal
Flying Corps et de la Royal Air Force durant la Première
Guerre mondiale, Bishop a abattu 72 avions et a dirigé des
missions périlleuses. Pour ses nombreux exploits, il fut le
militaire le plus décoré au Canada: croix de Victoria, ordre
du service distingué, et autres médailles pour bravoure. Il
passa la dernière partie de sa vie surtout en Angleterre et à
Montréal. Durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, il servit à
Ottawa dans l'Aviation royale du Canada à titre de maréchal

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