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Memorial Number: 35059-027
Type: Bronze statue on light gray granite base, black granite plaque, and engraved inscription
Location: Major’s Hill Park
Address: 1 Rideau Street, K1N 8S7
Reference: Behind the Chateau Laurier on Wellington Street.
Ottawa, ON
Surveyor: Ken Holmes. Richard Turcotte
Photo Credit: Richard Turcotte

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This memorial statue was erected by the Historical Society of Canada. On 14 August 1971, an 11-foot tall bronze statue of Lt-Col John By was dedicated in Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa to this Royal Engineer who founded Bytown and constructed the Rideau Canal in 1826-32. (Also refer to 35041-024 and 35059-028)

[front plaque/plaque devant]


Royal engineers

ingénieur militaire


[left side/côté gauche]

Overlooking his Rideau Canal,
Lieutenant-colonel John By is
commemorated here as the founding
father of Ottawa, Canada's capital

[right side/côté droit]

Le lt-col John By, qui domine ici
son œuvre, le canal Rideau, est
aussi le fondateur D`Ottawa.
la capitale du Canada

[rear side/arrière]


Joseph-Émile Brunet

Monument commissioned by The
Historical Society of Ottawa and unveiled in 1971.

Monument commandé par la
Société historique d`Ottawa et érigé en 1971