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Memorial Number: 59029-002
Type: plaque
Location: Stanley Park
Address: needs further research
Vancouver, BC
Surveyor: Ken Holmes

Port Moody, BC is named for Colonel Richard Clement Moody, Royal Engineers, who was appointed Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works and Lieutenant Governor of the new colony of British Columbia in 1858. Moody’s role was both to provide military support for the new colony and to carry out the major building projects that were necessary to keep up with a sudden growth in population and commerce – largely the result of the 1858 Gold Rush. Amongst the accomplishments of his sapper detachment contingent were the survey and construction of the Cariboo Wagon Road, exploring and planning the settlement of new towns in the BC mainland, and setting aside a military land reserve for what was to become Stanley Park. Port Moody was established at the end of a trail that connected New Westminster with Burrard Inlet to defend New Westminster from potential attack from the US. The town grew rapidly after 1859, following land grants to Moody’s Royal Engineers who settled there after the sapper detachment was disbanded in 1863. (Also refer to memorial number 59017-007)

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