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Memorial Number: 61002-005
Type: copper statues on concrete base
Address: Veterans Memorial Drive
Reference: In front of Joint Task Force North Headquarters
Yellowknife, NT
Surveyor: Carl Kletke; Rafael Sandoval

This memorial is dedicated to all the men and women who have served Canada in time of war and peace. Erected by The Royal Canadian Legion and unveiled November 11, 2005.


Veterans Monument

[left column/colonne de gauche]

This monument salutes all
Men and Women who have
Served Canada in time of
War and peace

[right column/colonne de droite]

Ce monument rend hommage
aux hommes et aux femmes qui
ont servi le Canada en temps
de guerre et de paix.

"We will Remember Them"

Erected by The Royal Canadian Legion
Unveiled November 11, 2005 by
Honorable Joseph Handley, Premier
Artist: Eli Nasogaluk