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Memorial Number: 35040-051
Type: bridge
Address: between Castlefrank Road and Kanata Avenue
Reference: next to the National headquarters of The Royal Canadian Legion, known as Legion House
Kanata, ON
Surveyor: Loni Robertson

The Castlefrank Road overpass, which opened in December 2003 was re-named Valour Bridge, December 1, 2006, and is dedicated to all Canadians who have served in defence of freedoms in the great battles and campaigns since the turn of the 20th century. The following are excerpts from the Legion Magazine - January/February 2007 - In the Name of Valour - by Tom MacGregor - Valour Bridge is a handsome overpass traversing four busy lanes of the Trans-Canada Highway. The name change and addition of 16 plaques that chronicle important battle and campaigns in Canadian military history. These names from Canada's military past resound on each plaque along with the number of Victoria Cross recipients associated with each time period that is represented. The bridge's transformation really began in February 2005. Valour Bridge better highlights the sacrifice and commitment of the veterans, allowing the adding in the number of Victoria Crosses. Constructed in 2003, the bridge was designed to accommodate not only drivers, but cyclists and pedestrians on its wide sidewalks. "It is an aerial bridge. It was the first bridge of that size that has been built in Ottawa in 20 - 22 years". "It is one of the few with any kind of architectural flourishing, with its five-metre-wide sidewalk on one side and two-metre-wide sidewalk on the other. No other bridges have the obelisks at the end the way this one does." 17,500 vehicles cross the bridge each day. "That number reaches a peak of about 2,200 an hour during the rush hours." The first plaque in the series focuses on the South African War, 1899-1902. It features the names Paardeburg, Mafeking, Modder River and Liliefontein along with the note that five Victoria Crosses were awarded. The First World War is represented by three plaques. The first is 1914-1916. It features Ypres, Saint-Julien, Festubert, Mesopotamia, the Somme and Beaumount Hamel, with 11 Victoria Crosses. The second is 1917 with Vimy, Hill 70, Passchendaele and Arras and 24 Victoria Crosses. The third plaque for the First World War focuses on 1918. Flanders, Palestine, Amiens, Scarpe and Cambrai appear as well as a note stating that 37 Victoria Crosses were awarded. Eight plaques tell of the battles the Second World War. The first is a tribute to the Battle of the Atlantic which lasted the whole duration of the war, from 1939 to 1945, with one Victoria Cross awarded. Canada's involvement in the entire war at sea is commemorated in the next plaque that lists Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, St. Lawrence, Mediterranean, Pacific and Indian Ocean with two Victoria Crosses noted. This plaque is followed by the 1940-1945 War in the Air, with Europe, Mediterranean and Far East commemorated along with two Victoria Crosses. Canada's involvement in The Battle of Britain, Far East and Dieppe follow with individual plaques. Two Victoria Crosses were awarded for both, the Far East and Dieppe. Italy, 1943-1945, has one plaque commemorating Sicily, Moro River, Ortona, Anzio, Liri Valley, Gothic Line with three Victoria Crosses and Northwest Europe, 1943-1945, is commemorated with D-Day, Falaise, Scheldt, Rhineland and Netherlands and four Victoria Crosses. From the Second World War, we move on to the Cold War, 1946-1989, with North America, Europe, Atlantic and Pacific commemorated. The Korean War, 1950-1953, has its own plaque, paying tribute to Kapyong, Chail-li, Chorwon, Hill 355 and Chinamp'o. Two plaques have start dates, but no end dates. The first commemorates Canada's contributions to peacekeeping. It bears the date 1948 followed by a dash. The Middle East, Cyprus, Indo-China, Asia, Africa and the Balkans and Afghanistan. Title plaques with the name Valour Bridge appear at each end of the crossing. The abutments, located at each end of the bridge, are obelisks that give the appearance of smaller pyramids stacked on top of each other. The title plaques are easily seen because they are located on the right as drivers approach the bridge. Each is 59 inches by 29.25 inches. Each end of the bridge also features a dedication plaque stating: "Valour Bridge is dedicated to all those Canadians who have served in the defence of freedom in the great battles and campaigns since the turn of the 20th century. We are forever indebted to them."


1899 - 1902

South African War
Guerre d'Afrique du Sud

Paardeburg Mafeking Modder River/Rivière Modder

Victoria Crosses 5 Croix de Victoria


First World War
Première Guerre mondiale

Plaestine Amiens Scarpe Cambrai

Victoria Crosses 37 Croix de Victoria