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Memorial Number: 35060-001
Type: 2 plaques
Location: former CFB Ottawa (South) - Uplands - Hylands Golf Course
Address: 2101 Alert Road
Reference: at the first and tenth hole of the golf course
Ottawa (South), ON
Surveyor: Paul Lansey

Two Hylands Commemorative Project plaques were unveiled, June 23, 2009, in honour of battles, battle honours, units, ships and squadrons. The following is an excerpt from: The Maple Leaf - Charity Tournament receives a royal tee-off by Steve Fortin - "Two holes on the south course (Uplands) were chosen to commemorate the unique military and historical ties between Canada and the Netherlands. The first hole, a par five, is Arnhem, in honour of the Royal Canadian Artillery squadrons that took part in Second World War allied airborne Operation MARKET GARDEN from September 17 to 26, 1944. The operation, intended to secure a series of bridges so the allies could advance into Germany, fell short when the allied forces were unsuccessful in securing the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem." "The 10th hole, the Scheldt, a par 4, is dedicated to the battle of the same name. In October 1944, the First Canadian Army fought to gain access to the port Antwerp, held by the allies since D-Day but rendered inaccessible to allied shipping by German forces entrenched in the Scheldt Estuary. The Canadians battled against the enemy in unspeakable conditions to finally take and liberate the southern bank of the Scheldt November 28, 1944, so the first allied convoys could unload in Antwerp. But the victory came at a heavy cost to the Canadians, with more than 6300 soldiers of the First Canadian Army losing their lives."


Awarded to RCAF squadrons participating in the
Allied airborne operations of 17-26 September 1944.
437 Squadron took part in the Arnhem, Holland lift and
support operations, lowing gliders and dropping supplies
while many Spitfire squadrons provided fighter cover
throughout the operation.