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Memorial Number: 35061-024
Type: Street and plaque
Location: Road running approximately 8 kms from Hog`s Back Road to Rideau street
Address: Colonel By Drive
Reference: Follows the Rideau Canal
Ottawa, ON
Surveyor: Richard Turcotte
Photo Credit: Richard Turcotte

The large street memorial plaque was erected by the National Capital Commission and dedicated to Lieutenant-Colonel John By. Colonel By was the builder of the Rideau Canal 1826-1832 and founder of Bytown. There are numerous other tributes to Lieutenant-Colonel By in Ottawa including the statue of LCol By (memorial #35059-027) and the LCol By Fountain (memorial #35059-028).


[top left corner/coin supérieur gauche]


[top right corner/coin supérieur droit]


[bottom left corner/coin inférieur gauche]

Colonel By

[bottom right corner/coin inférieur droit]

Promenade du Colonel-By