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Memorial Number: 35059-164
Type: wooden and glass frame with flag, letters and images
Location: Memorial Hall, Lisgar Collegiate Institute
Address: 29 Lisgar Street
Ottawa, ON
Surveyor: Richard Turcotte
Photo Credit: Richard Turcotte

The memorial frame including the Canadian flag, two letters and two images, was erected by the Lisgar Collegiate Institute. One letter is to LCol Plourde and the second is from LCol Plourde presenting the Canadian Flag to Lisgar. This Canadian flag was flown in Afghanistan, and was presented to Lisgar in recognition of the school's past, present and future community service and accomplishments and in particular in recognition of Lisgar's many years of contribution to Canada in both Peace and War.

[letter to LCol Plourde/[lettre au Lcol Plourde]

Canadian flag Afghanistan

Letter to LCol B. Plourde

21 May 2009

Lieutenant Colonel Bruno Plourde

Regional Command South
Kandahar Afghanistan
International Security assistance


As you know my son, David is 15 and attends Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa. Lisgar's origins start in
1843 in Ottawa with ine of the first cadet corps in Canada starting in 1861. Many Lisgar students served
during the Finning(sic) Raids, both World Wars, and Korea. Last's(sic) Remembrance speaker was a
recent Lisgar graduate Artillery Captain who had just finished a tour in Afghanistan. Lisgar's graduates
have gone on to become leaders in many fields across Canada. As Canadian Forces members with long
service and overseas tours, we both recognize the requirement for lifelong academic pursuits is the
corner stone of a sound and safe society. I request that a Canadian flag be flown in recognition of
Lisgar's many years of contribution to Canada in both Peace and War. Thank-you for your consideration
and I pray that everyone returns home safe.

Davis Paull
Parent of Lisgar Student
[letter from LCol Plourde/[lettre du Lcol Plourde]

Letter /flag from LCol Plourde

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
2067 de Bleury Street
Montreal, QC H3A 2K2

Students, Teachers. Staff and Parents of Lisgar Collegiate Institute

Since 1843 Lisgar Students, Teachers and Staff have served Canada in many professions and continues to
be recognized as a leader in the education community. Lisgar has a long proud history of duty and
service to Canada which includes service as both civilian and Military personnel in Canadian conflicts
since Confederation.

On 22 August 2009, the enclosed Canadian flag was flown in Forward Operation Base Walton, Dand
District, Kandahar province, Afghanistan in recognition of Lisgar Collegiate Institute past, present and
future community service and accomplishments.

The Canadian contingent in Afghanistan is represented by a wide spectrum of Military and civilian
personnel from across Canada who have voluntarily left their homes and families to join the
international community to aide Afghanistan in shaping their own future through peacefully and
productive choices.

Education is one of the pillars of a safe and sound society and your participation as a learning
community contributes in no small way to the success of Canada at horne and around the world.

For those who are serving here and around the world it is empowering to be in contact with Canadians
such as your community who we consider to (be) part of the larger Canadian contingent.

Best wishes to all of you for your continuing success in all aspects of your future

G. B. Plourde
Commanding Officer