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Memorial Number: 35059-167
Type: framed poster
Location: Memorial Hall, Lisgar Collegiate Institute
Address: 29 Lisgar Street
Ottawa, ON
Surveyor: Richard Turcotte
Photo Credit: Richard Turcotte

This memorial erected by the Lisgar Collegiate Institute is dedicated to the the sixteen Canadians awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery during the Second World War.


For Valour Commemorating the sixteen Canadian servicemen awarded the Victoria Cross for conspicuous bravery during World War Two 1939-1945

[first row/première rangée]

Sgt Major John Robert
Osborn + Hong Kong
December 19"' 1941
Born: Norfolk England
January 2nd 1899
1" Battalion
The Winnipeg Grenadiers

Lt Col Charles Cecil Ingersoll
August 19th 1942
Born: Vancouver B.C.
November 10th 1908
The South Saskatchewan

Rev John Weir
August 19th 1942
Born: Madoc Ontario
May 5th 1904
Canadian Chaplain Services
The Royal Hamilton Ught Infantry

Capt Frederick Thornton
Oran North Africa
November 8th 1942
Born: Charlottetown P.E.I.
September 17th 1889
Royal Navy

Fit. Lt. David Ernest
Hornell +
Shetland Islands U.K.
June 24th 1944
Born: Mimico Ontario
January 26"' 1910
Royal Canadian Air Force

Sqdn. Ldr. Ian Willoughby
Bazalgette +
Trossy St Maximin France
August 4"' 1944
Born: Calgary Alberta
October 19th 1918
Royal Air Force

Major David Vivian
St Lambert sur Dives France
August 18th 1944
Born: Sutherland Saskatchewan
July 8th 1912
The ???

Pte Ernest Alvia
Savio River Italy
October 21"_22nd 1944
Born: New Westminster B.C.
May 3'd 1914
The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

[second row/deuxième rangée]

Capt Paul
Casa Berardi Italy
December 14th 1943
Born: Cabano Quebec
April 2nd 1910
Royal 22e Regiment

Major Charles Ferguson
Hoey +
Maungdaw Burma
February 16th 1944
Born: Duncan B.C.
March 29th 1914
1st Battalion
The Lincolnshire Regiment

Major John Keefer
Melfa River Italy
May 24th 1944
Born: Bew Westminster B.C.
June 30th 1911
The Westminster Regiment

P.O. Andrew Charles
Mynarski +
Cambrai France
June 12th 1944
Born: Winnipeg Manitoba
October 14th 1916
Royal Canadian Air Force

Sgt Au brey
Cosens +
Mooshof Germany
February 25th _26th 1945
Born: Latchford Ontario
May 21st 1921
The Queen's Own rifles
of Canada

Major Frederick Albert
The Hochwald Germany
March 1st 1945
Born: Toronto Ontario
June 11th 1906
The Essex Scottish Regiment

Cpl Frederick George

East of the Rhine
March 24th 1945
Born: Toronto Ontario
August 10th 1917
1st Canadian Parachute Batalion

Lt. Robert Hampton
Gray +
Onagawa Wan Japan
August 9th 1945
Born: Trail B.C.
November 2nd 1917
Royal Canadian Naval
Volunteer Reserve