Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation Guyana 1977

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Guyana 1977

International Information

International Operation Name: Guyana 1977

International Mission Name: Guyana 1977

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: South America

Location: Guyana

Mission Date: Summer 1977

Mission Mandate:

To airlift fuel into Lethem, Guyana

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Canadian Forces (CF) Information (Guyana 1977)

CF Mission/Operation Notes:

The small town of Lethem, Guyana is accessible only by air. In the summer of 1977, bad weather and a temporary lack of transport aircraft meant that the normal delivery of fuel there had been interrupted. After consultation between the Acting Canadian High Commissioner in Guyana and the Departments of National Defence and External Affairs, it was agreed that a Hercules CC-130 from 426 Squadron that was conducting a long-range navigation training flight would be diverted to fly fuel from Georgetown, Guyana to Lethem.

After a morning reconnaissance flight to the airfield (to ensure that their aircraft could land) the Hercules crew flew back to Georgetown, loaded up with barrels of fuel, and returned to Lethem that afternoon. They made two more flights the next day, delivering a total of 150 barrels, and left for CFB Trenton the day after. [Available records do not provide the exact dates for this operation].