Details/Information for Canadian Forces (CF) Operation Nigeria 1969

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Nigeria 1969

International Information

International Operation Name: Nigeria 1969

International Mission Name: Nigeria 1969

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Africa

Location: Nigeria

Mission Date: 1 November 1969 - 15 November 1969

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Canadian Forces (CF) Information (Nigeria 1969)

Canadian Task Force Name Mission Statement:

To provide a ship that could be used as a neutral location for peace talks between the Government of Nigeria and the secessionist leaders.

CF Mission/Operation Notes:

By October 1969 the civil war in Nigeria had been ongoing for two years. Various efforts had been made to end the conflict, all without success. At the United Nations, the Canadian representative was approached about Canada providing a ship on which the negotiations could be held. General Gowan of the Nigerian government had not rejected the idea and General Ojukwu of the Biafran government had given his informal agreement. The concept was that separate helicopters would pick up the leaders daily and fly them to a ship that would serve as a neutral setting, remaining outside Nigerian territorial waters.

On 27 October, a message to this effect was sent from New York to External Affairs in Ottawa. This was the brought to the attention of the Chief of the Defence Staff who agreed to the proposal. The Minister of National Defence approved the concept on 10 November. The ship would be either HMCS Provider, Protector or Cape Scott, or possibly two or more destroyers. At least three helicopters would also be needed.

Although the plan was approved, it is unknown what further steps were taken in planning for this mission. It is also unknown what caused the mission to be cancelled.